Thursday, September 2, 2010

Custom Web Design Giveaway

Custom Web design giveaway for this Web design package

The winner will have a custom designed web site that can include almost anything that can fit onto one Web page, including:
  1. Your own domain name on your web hosting account
  2. Custom designed graphics
  3. Flash animation or slide show of your products
  4. Your text
  5. Links to your blog, your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites as well as links to any other place on the web you want to link
  6. Etsy mini if you have a shop on Etsy or any other similar widget from other online shops, such as Artfire.
  7. Almost anything else you would like to include 
  8. The prize can be for a redesign of an existing Web site or for a brand new Web site.
  9. Most existing Web sites with multiple pages also qualify for a new custom designed look.  Web sites that may not be eligible are custom designed ecommerce web sites. Please contact me at if you have any questions about this.  
  10. Wordpress blogs use complex "Wordpress themes" and may not be eligible for this drawing. I will discuss this with the winner if the goal is a new Wordpress Theme and see if anything can be worked out.
  11. A random number from 1 - 50 will be drawn using - #1 - #20 will come from the first 20 entries on my Facebook page and #21 - #50 will come from the comments left on this blog.

    The Web site design must be free from any hate, discrimination, pornography, gambling, etc.

    How to enter:
    1. Become a Facebook fan: OR
    2. Follow me on Twitter:
    3. and leave a comment on this blog post along with your Facebook name or Twitter name and write a little or a lot about the web site of your dreams.  
    4. One entry per person but you can leave any number of comments that you like.
    5. The winner will need a new or existing web hosting account.  If you need a recommendation for web hosting, I usually working with and recommend them highly for low prices, great features and great customer support.

    Drawing will be held
    on September 15. A number will be drawn from all the comments left by participants on my blog if there are at least 50 entries. If needed, the contest will continue past September 15 until there are 50 entries. The 20 people who entered through Facebook: will be part of the drawing (#1 - #20).

    Pass this along to anyone you know who would like their own Web site.

    Family and personal friends are not eligible for the drawing but are welcome to join the discussion.

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    1. Hi Mary...I would love a website!
      My dream website would have a retro/romantic/earthy feel to promote the eco-friendly products I make :)

      My etsy shop is located at:
      I also have a wholesale site at:

    2. Hey Mary! This is a generous giveaway! My ideal website would match my Etsy shop banner -- very graphically intense focusing on nature and birds in an illustrated manner.

      My Etsy shop is

      - Katie

    3. Hi Mary,
      I can't wait to look at more shops that you have advertised on this page! Just came from the "Clever Crafter" - and I'm SO impressed with her work!! What fun pieces!

      I would LOVE to have my website look "pretty"...I actually bought my "name", have it sitting on a host, and I HATE the free template that came from the's ugly and I don't even want to put things there! I would love something simple, elegant...I love my Etsy banner...but beyond that, I'm very open to your great ideas!
      My Etsy name is (cleverly) roxannenapolitano

      I'd really love to win the giveaway! Have a great weekend!
      ~Roxanne Napolitano
      Greensboro, NC
      (I'm far inland & away from Hurricane Earl!!)

    4. We would love our own website!! Our ideal website would be to a place to advertise our homemade items and be successful sell these items. Something tastefully elegant would be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to win your most generous giveaway.

      We are following you on Twitter (our Twitter name is CRSisters) and we also tweeted your giveaway: WIN A CUSTOM WEB DESIGN:


    5. Hello Mary,
      I do already have an existing website but it could use an update and a bit of a redesign.
      My Website:
      My etsy shop is located at:

    6. I am going to open a new handmade shop on Etsy and I would love mt very own website to go with it.
      Thank you for the opportunity to enter your drawing.
      I followed on Twitter, like on FB.


    7. Hello Mary,
      I entered on your facebook site. I would love a website, as a matter of fact, I recently purchased websites for dummies to read & try to figure out what to do. I'm not very computer savy and am learning a little here & there as I go along. I purchased your seo from etsy but havn't had time to utilize it. Hoping once I find the time, it will bring more viewers & possibly shoppers to my site.
      My facebook is Donna Zimmer & one of my etsy sites is:
      I want to thank you for the generous offer to give away a website, it would be about the best gift ever :P

    8. Following ontwitter @thecuttingetch.
      I have a blog on blogger, but that is the closest to a website I have. I think a new and improved site would really help my etsy shop. I am open for any improvement! thanks!
      thecuttingetch1 at yahoo dot com

    9. I like on FB! Samantha Palacio. Please enter me! I would love to win!

    10. Hi! I follow on twitter @landofpoppies.
      I would love this! I don't have a website, just my etsy page. I'd like something unique. simple. and unforgettable:)

    11. I'm following and "liking" @kitchenstew.
      I've been blogging 18 mos. but have never had a web designer. It needs help so badly! I need to condense my above the fold stuff by about 75%. I need cute contact buttons. I need to calm down the futz and make it more clean, w/ lots of white space. I would be so very pumped to win a blog design! I hope you get to 50 entries! (Did I do this right? Is that it?) Thank you!

    12. following @ShoutLaughLove

      i'd love to pretty up my blog, especially some of the titles, buttons, and fonts.

    13. twitter follower (Lubaska) and FB fan (Lubka Kotmanikova) but still only "newsborn" as regarding publishing anything on internet. I often think about translating interesting life-style articles (about health, food, sport) to my mothers language.

    14. I liked you on Twitter. :)

      What would I like for a new design on my blog? I'd like it to not look like I did it, because that's what it SCREAMS right now.


    15. I am a twitter follower. (@fotomommy) I'd like to start a website showcasing my photography.

    16. i'd love to enter if it is still going on??

    17. Brenda of Lovejoycreations on EtsySeptember 16, 2010 at 3:36 PM

      You are being {{followed}} on Twitter by Lovejoycreates aka Lovejoycreations on Etsy! Muuhaahaaha!
      Backkkk to reality.
      I would love a website design that showcases my leatherwork, artwork and babyshoes. I have three domain names I would like to lead to this website. Not sure from there what I want. The leather part would be nice with perhaps an artistic western flavor. The baby shoes, soft pastels and adorable. The art part would have an artist's bio, and then have my artwork on there as well. Perhaps black background, not sure. My feet are jumping, but not sure where they are a goin' to be landin'. Yikes!

    18. yeah, i'm excited there is still time!

      all the techy stuff overwhelms me, i have a website

      i'm excited to improve and expand

      thanks for entering me :-)

      ~ christine

    19. I'm veganessa on twitter, and I'm following you on there. i'd love my own website, to bring together my etsy shop, blog and more. I want it to be informative and fabulous to look at.

    20. THANKS so much for announcing your give-away on the EFA team chat !
      Would love a website... I use my blog as a website at the moment :)

    21. Thank you for your kind offer! I too use my blog as a website and would love something professional to help promote my dog Sky's Etsy shop, theanimalsmagicshop, where 20% of the proceeds are donated to help animals. We are both computer dummies :>)

    22. At the moment, Cairo our tiger cub is promoting I would love a whimsical - friendly and inviting page for Cairo to showcase our beautiful EFA embroidered items.

    23. You are now being followed by Kis4Calligraphy on twitter.

      I would love a website that uses my calligraphy as all the headers and buttons. A place where I can have a "form" for custom work would be the most important element along with clean and easy way to scroll through my portfolio of work.

      Such a great giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity! xo, Katy

    24. hi - i am cory, here is my fb:!/cory.ahern

      i 'liked' you - also - i'm a fellow cccoe team member - fallingstarlane.
      :) hello!

    25. Hi Mary,

      Wow! That's a very generous Giveaway! Someone is going to be very happy, I'm sure.

      Of my two passions right now (quilts and meditation cushions) I think I would want a website for the meditation cushions - something inviting and restful.

      Thanks for your generous spirit! Sarah

    26. I would love to have a website for my pottery :}


      This is a great giveaway!! thanks for the chance to enter! I liked you on facebook :)

    28. Thanks for the chance to enter. My user name is jesusfreakof2000. I would love a website to sell my photography. Something that displays them well. allows for interaction connects to a website they can order their prints directly. So it's a drop ship. I would also like the chance to have it linked to other photography advice and artists I like. And I would love love love to have them displayed without watermarks but be fully protected.

      Thanks so much!

    29. I thought I had missed this - so glad I didn't. I "liked" on Facebook and added your page to my page - Mama Hoot Designs.

      I'd love a website that showcases my favorite item - my books. Something that shows off both the pages and the stories clearly. Fresh and clean but without blending into all the other craft sites and blogs out there.

    30. Hi! I hope there's still time to enter this giveaway! I just "liked" your Facebook page (Helen Gentz).
      I have been wanting a website with lots of pretty pictures of my family, home, creations, and something that would somehow match my Etsy shop. On the other hand, I've been wanting my husband to have a professional website for his side business (vintage lawn mower repair). He has a host/domain name, but his site is needding a lot of work.

    31. Hi I am on titter:

      I am not sure of the web site of my dreams as I really never thought about it other then I would love to have more traffic so my things sell more I guess...

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