Monday, September 27, 2010

Custom Web Design Giveaway Winner Announced

Judy Russi won the custom Web design giveaway. The random number picker gave me #9  and that comment number belongs to Judy who left a comment  on Facebook where this giveaway started. Judy has a shop shop on Etsy, and said she would love to have her own web site too. Congratulations, Judy!

I will be posting Judy's Web site design as we work on it.  Judy will first receive a design questionnaire from me so that she can give me a good idea of the type of design she would like to have.  I work with design questionnaires for all custom designs including those in my Etsy shop for graphic designs,

Some day I will find out why my comments on Google's blogs disappear into cyberspace and never appear on any Google blogs including my own blog.  In the meantime, I will post responses to any comments in this section of each post. I can also be contacted through either of my Etsy shops, or

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Custom Web Design Giveaway was a Success

Although it took one week longer than planned, this current giveaway was a success and a winner will be drawn on Monday morning from all the entries on this blog and on my Facebook page. 

Stay tuned . . . .

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Custom Web Design Giveaway

Custom Web design giveaway for this Web design package

The winner will have a custom designed web site that can include almost anything that can fit onto one Web page, including:
  1. Your own domain name on your web hosting account
  2. Custom designed graphics
  3. Flash animation or slide show of your products
  4. Your text
  5. Links to your blog, your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites as well as links to any other place on the web you want to link
  6. Etsy mini if you have a shop on Etsy or any other similar widget from other online shops, such as Artfire.
  7. Almost anything else you would like to include 
  8. The prize can be for a redesign of an existing Web site or for a brand new Web site.
  9. Most existing Web sites with multiple pages also qualify for a new custom designed look.  Web sites that may not be eligible are custom designed ecommerce web sites. Please contact me at if you have any questions about this.  
  10. Wordpress blogs use complex "Wordpress themes" and may not be eligible for this drawing. I will discuss this with the winner if the goal is a new Wordpress Theme and see if anything can be worked out.
  11. A random number from 1 - 50 will be drawn using - #1 - #20 will come from the first 20 entries on my Facebook page and #21 - #50 will come from the comments left on this blog.

    The Web site design must be free from any hate, discrimination, pornography, gambling, etc.

    How to enter:
    1. Become a Facebook fan: OR
    2. Follow me on Twitter:
    3. and leave a comment on this blog post along with your Facebook name or Twitter name and write a little or a lot about the web site of your dreams.  
    4. One entry per person but you can leave any number of comments that you like.
    5. The winner will need a new or existing web hosting account.  If you need a recommendation for web hosting, I usually working with and recommend them highly for low prices, great features and great customer support.

    Drawing will be held
    on September 15. A number will be drawn from all the comments left by participants on my blog if there are at least 50 entries. If needed, the contest will continue past September 15 until there are 50 entries. The 20 people who entered through Facebook: will be part of the drawing (#1 - #20).

    Pass this along to anyone you know who would like their own Web site.

    Family and personal friends are not eligible for the drawing but are welcome to join the discussion.

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